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Removing Trees in Lake Mary Florida

When removing trees, it is always important to hire experienced, accomplished, tree service professionals with years of experience in providing tree removal specialty tree services. When we remove trees from your Lake Mary home or business, safety and professionalism are always our number one priorities. We take our time and are extremely cautious to ensure that your tree service job is performed with expert precision and care.

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Remove trees Lake Mary, Florida

Hire The Right Tree Service

Tree removal is not a service we like to emphasize, but it is a very necessary and important part of arboriculture. Tree removals are often performed in Lake Mary for various reasons that may include: the tree(s) is dead or dying, the tree poses a threat to the property/assets or family, or to make room for new structures or construction projects.

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Lake Mary Emergency Tree Removal Services

The emergency tree removal process encompasses many different facets of removing trees and the immediate dangers that they pose to people, properties, and respective assets. No matter what time of the day that it is, we offer 24 hour emergency services to those whom reside in Lake Mary. Give us a call if you find yourself in an emergency situation with your trees. We accommodate both home owners and business owners with our emergency tree removal services.

Is a Permit Required to Remove a Tree in My Yard in Lake Mary?

According to Volusia County’s official website that covers tree removal permit requirements, permits are generally not required for owner-occupied single family homes within the boundaries of Volusia County which would include Lake Mary. This may vary based on certain factors such as whether or not the tree is protected or historic and many others. One great way to find out what permit may or may not be required for your tree removal is to give us a call at: